Our Story

Hi guys! My name is James and I am the creator behind Good Pals.

My background began as a performing Magician before transitioning into the business world and launching a Playing Card Store known as The Card Inn.

Upon looking for logo inspiration for a deck of Playing Cards, I stumbled across @47kills Instagram account, the incredible designer behind Good Pals!

Good Pals Co - Apparel & Playing Cards

I have always wanted to create my own products, and I just loved the work by 47kills, particularly his graphic design style and cool skeleton art. That, and the lack of apparel for Playing Card Art, I decided to experiment and put the two together.


Merchandise with a Message

The goal with Good Pals is to provide great designs but also to use Inspirational / Thought Provoking quotes when we can. We aim to share 'words to live by' such as important values, points of view, such as the quote from out 'Cards You're Dealt' Tee below:

Good Pals Co - Apparel & Playing Cards


 I really hope you guys enjoy our products! We are already planning to drop Merch and accessories as well as planning for Sweatshirts & Hoodies.

Feel free to message us over at Good Pals Instagram!


James - Good Pals Co.

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